Introducing LoveLoot

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4 min readFeb 17, 2022

Multi-reward staking system designed unlock access to the metaverse


LoveLoot — Multi-reward staking system designed unlock access to the metaverse

💜 Weekly Lootbox of MASSIVE #NFT projects/Partners (+$200k )— Sandbox, Metroverse, Netvrk, Nanopass, KillerGF and WAY MORE

💜 $LACE staking rewards in APY (+4k %)

💜 Launchpad Integration

How to participate: Stake 2000+ LACE tokens in one of the pools to qualify

  • 📅LIVE FEB 22, 2022

LoveLoot App Page

LoveLoot Q&A


We’re very excited to announce our first product release: LoveLoot

At Lovelace our ethos is about enabling creators to build and own the metaverse; engaging the next generation of builders within the digital space. So the next step in our product evolution is to give you the opportunity to own assets or projects we love so that you have all you need to create the digital world you want!

High Yield Staking

LoveLoot Staking is similar to other projects in that we incentivize our liquidity providers.

What makes us different?

Staking rewards are just the start! Participating in LoveLoot not only represents a way to grow your LACE ownership, this also gives you an opportunity to get free NFTs from partners/peers who are building in the space. This gives you exposure to things that other creators are doing in this space and inspire you to make even better products with us.

How does it work?

Every week, those that have staked 2,000 or more LACE tokens in the pools will be entered to win an NFT drop from one of our partners. These giveaways consist of:

  • PFP NFTs
  • Metaverse Land
  • In game items
  • Characters
  • And many others


Examples of NFT you can win

Reward Calendar for next 6 Weeks

Week 1 — Mar 1
- Netvrk 2 Standard land parcels
- 3 ProjectOasis Characters
- 15 Adanimals WL spots

Week 2 — Mar 8
- Metroverse
- Lives of Asuna (2)
- 15 Adanimals WL spots

Week 3 — Mar 15
- KillerGF (2)
- 15 Adanimals WL spots

Week 4 — Mar 22
- Sidus NFT Heroes (2)
- 3 Seascape
- 15 Adanimals WL spots

Week 5 — Mar 29
- Nanopass
- Galaxy Eggs (3)
- 15 Adanimals WL spots

Week 6 — Apr 5
- Sandbox (2)
- 3 Axolittles
- 15 Adanimals WL spots

Cooperative (CO-OP) Staking Goals

There will also be bonus Cooperative (CO-OP) staking goals based around the grand total of LACE staked within the platform! Think of these like ‘stretch goals’ that will be awarded once the milestone has been achieved and held for +7 days.

Total LACE — Reward Unlocked

  • 1.5m — 10 Adanimals NFT (sent after minting in March)
  • 3m — KillerGF
  • 5m — Capsule House
  • 7m — Metroverse
  • 9m — Nanopass
  • 11m — Netvrk Large Land
  • 13m — ?????? (Hint: Skate or Die)
  • 15m — !?!?!?!!! (Hint: Assess Perceive Engage)

You’re ALWAYS a winner

If you miss out on the giveaway, don’t worry, you’ll still receive an exclusive LoveKey NFT airdropped to your wallet. This NFT will never be sold by us and will have future use cases to be revealed in relation to the launchpad and other products.

Get as many keys as you can!

How to join

  • Purchase LACE tokens and/or LP Tokens (LP guide)
  • Put tokens into one of the staking pools in the value of 2,000 LACE or more; for LP token this will be calculated at the time of staking and this valuation will be provided every week prior to raffle
  • Join Twitter of the giveaway project and our Twitter/Discord where we’re giving away the rewards live
  • Every Tues at 11:00 a.m. UTC we will select the winner live

Additional Rules/Disclaimers:

  • An Announcement will be made on twitter when the goal is reached. Must stay at that total until the next giveaway date.
  • Lovelace reserves the right to adjust the campaign as time goes on but all rewards and group goals announced within this article will be honored.