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LoveKey Burn Competition: Instructions

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3 min readMay 28, 2022


Stake a minimum of 6,000 $LACE in one of the active staking pools to earn a weekly LoveKey, before you follow the LoveKey Burn Competition instructions.

Step 1: switch to BNB Smart Chain Mainnet on your MetaMask wallet or WalletConnect

Step 2: check to see if your wallet has enough BNB for fees to complete the LoveKey Burn transaction

Step 3: go to LoveKey Burn Competition Leaderboard website

Step 4: click on Connect Wallet button in the top right corner and select MetaMask.

For mobile users, select WalletConnect option and scan the QR code to connect the wallet.

Available wallet options for desktop and mobile

Step 5: once your wallet is connected, you will see the Burn button enabled in the top right corner of the Summary table.

Click Burn button, a popup will appear and you need to select the LoveKey Type (Gamma or Rho) and the Amount of keys you want to burn.

Confirm your selection by clicking Burn button in the popup, then confirm the transaction from your MetaMask wallet.

Make sure you are on BNB Smart Chain Mainnet

Congratulations, you have successfully burned your first LoveKeys.


Your entry will show on the LoveKey Burn Competition Leaderboard
30 minutes to 1 hour
after you burned your keys. You can see your wallet address, current position (Qualified number), total keys Burn and other information in the Summary table.

Find out your position and other information in the Summary table
LoveKey Burn Competition Leaderboard

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