Lovelace Plants a New Partnership with Nunu Spirits

Lovelace World
3 min readMay 24, 2022

At Lovelace, we take pride in our growing list of quality partnerships. It is with great pleasure that we announce our newest partner Nunu Spirits, a play-to-earn game with positive real world effects.

Nunu Spirits is the greenest NFT project in the crypto industry. Players are treated to a collection of casual games which takes place in a cute, fantasy world. This goes beyond your normal gameplay experience. It fuses the earning capacity of blockchain technology and converts it into ecological action. Owning its NFTs has a direct effect in the real world with the planting of actual trees. Conversely, the digital landscape of Nunu Spirits expands as more trees are planted in our world. There are fun, party games to play, including:

  • Parkour racing
  • Nunu Adventure
  • Floor is Toxic

Lovelace and Nunu Spirits’ collaboration will contribute to the development of these play-to-earn mechanics. Its creator, Tater Games, will integrate the Lovelace SDK toolkit. This will pave the way for the production of a marketplace to host the Nunu Spirits NFTs. It will also allow staking opportunities for its tokens. Furthermore, we are looking to have the Adanimals minigames adopted by Nunu Spirits with IP integration.

These are indeed exciting times ahead for the both of us.

Look out for upcoming events in the near future. We are currently working to bring you an exclusive Adanimals and Nunu Spirits play-to-earn tournament, with cool prizes at stake. There will also be an AMA available to give our respective communities the opportunity to learn more about our promising partnership.

“Lovelace and Adanimals struck us as top level partners from Day 1. Their interest in expanding NFT utility and working on cross chain initiatives resonates with our mission. Nunu Spirits has always been focused on collaboration, and not just in games. We are confident that Lovelace will provide the tools to help both our projects as well as countless others deliver on the promise of decentralized gaming.” Gabriel Brockman, CEO of Nunu Spirits.

About Nunu Spirits

Nunu Spirits is developed by the high performance team behind Tater Games. They are composed of experienced individuals in the fields of game development, smart contracts and NFTs.

Their combined expertise led to the creation of Nunu Spirits as a play-to-earn game which enables planting actual trees in the real world. The tree planting is accomplished via partner companies while tree data such as its type and geolocation are recorded on an NFT.

Nunu Spirits is founded on fun games, collectible NFTs and ecological action. They hope to reduce CO2 while you play-to-earn.

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About Lovelace

Lovelace empowers creators to realize the potential of the Metaverse through its NFT marketplace, Play-to-Earn gaming engines, smart contracts, launchpad, and partner integrations.

Our Metaverse-as-a-Service toolkit helps creators breathe life into their NFTs, games, digital economies, and worlds across Cardano and other blockchains.

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