Lovelace Unites with Epic Meta to Conquer P2E Games

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3 min readJun 8, 2022


The number of Lovelace partnerships continue to grow with another exciting collaboration with Epic Meta who specialize in creating NFT Esports player cards for Esports franchises worldwide. This makes it possible for their NFT holders to play alongside their favorite Esports players within the play-to-earn universe. At the same time, such Esports personalities can generate additional revenue through royalties. It is our firm belief that our partnership will provide exceptional experiences for play-to-earn gaming enthusiasts and set high standards for the industry as a whole.

Our partnership will incorporate various strengths from each other’s platforms to create a formidable alliance. We believe that Lovelace’s SDK toolkit comprising “metaverse-as-a-service” accessibility is a good fit towards what Epic Meta hopes to accomplish. These developmental tools include:

  • Play-to-earn
  • Staking
  • Marketplace
  • Ethereum-Cardano data connector (Lovelink)

Such options will be open for Epic Meta to further develop its play-to-earn and minigames offerings. This would also include a platform for the INOs of Esports teams they’re affiliated with to launch licensed Esports NFTs. Lovelace will also assist with INOs of Marvel and DC concepts that Epic Meta is involved with.

Technology integration and providing INOs with a launchpad are important aspects of our partnership. It goes beyond this by providing a marketplace where special promotions and private NFT sales may be organized in the future. These will be held exclusively for Lovelace and Epic Meta community members. There will also be an upcoming AMA and a crossover gaming tournament open only to the members of both communities. This will feature Rapid Runner, a minigame within the Adanimals platform which showcases the abilities of the Lovelace toolkit.

Epic Meta on the other hand, will market Lovelace to various Esports gaming communities within Asian regions. This will allow Lovelace to further exhibit its toolkit to Epic Meta’s expanding list of partnerships with Esports franchises. It would naturally be for the mutual benefit of both projects but it will be the gaming community who stands to gain the most.

We are confident that our strategic partnership with Epic Meta will put both of us in a better position to cater to the developing Web3 space. Our collaboration will only improve our existing strengths by creating more robust blockchain gaming ecosystems and further integration of Esports.

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