Lovelace World Partners with Cornucopias

Lovelace World
2 min readOct 21, 2021
Lovelace x Cornucopias: The Island Awaits

Lovelace World is proud to announce its partnership with Cornucopias, a top-tier metaverse project that incorporates NFTs (non-fungible tokens) into every aspect of its innovative blockchain gaming experience.

Expanding the Metaverse Together

Lovelace’s “Metaverse-as-a-Service” toolkit enables projects like Cornucopias to incorporate DeFi aspects into their NFTs, tokenize real-world & digital assets, and build powerful play-to-earn mechanics in both the Cardano and Ethereum ecosystems.

The partnership gives Cornucopias the advantage of being one of the initial projects to offer its impressive NFT collections on the Lovelace Marketplace. The collaboration also provides Lovelace the opportunity to engage Cornucopias’ enthusiastic gaming community hungry for cutting-edge game launches and NFT experiences. Additionally, the Lovelace community will gain access to special Cornucopias NFTs that can be used in ‘The Island’ to customize and enhance players’ profiles and capabilities.

Both organizations are looking forward to working closely towards realizing this vision on Cornucopias’ ‘The Island’ and many future projects to come.

About Cornucopias ‘The Island’

Cornucopias ‘The Island’’ is a blockchain-based Play-To-Earn, Build-To-Earn game where players own characters, land, and other NFT based assets that have real-world value, all hosted in a fun and expanding metaverse.

Cornucopias Co-founder Josh Jones commented:

“Blockchain-based gaming is still incredibly early, which gives us unique problems to solve through innovation. We have so many unique use cases for NFTs, and this Lovelace partnership provides tooling infrastructure that enables us to focus on what we love- gaming and innovation!”

Cornucopias offers businesses and organizations opportunities to purchase digital land to creatively showcase products and services to their buzzing communities. Lovelace and Cornucopias envision a virtual world where public figures host lectures, businesses set up live customer service portals, and clothing designers highlight some of their latest threads, etc.

Cornucopias Social Media Links:

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About Lovelace World

Lovelace empowers creators to realize the potential of the metaverse through its NFT marketplace, Play-to-Earn gaming engines, smart contracts, launchpad, and partner integrations.

Our Metaverse-as-a-Service toolkit helps creators breathe life into their NFTs, games, digital economies, and worlds across Cardano and other blockchains.

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