LoveLoot Launchpad is Activated!

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4 min readApr 26, 2022

We are so excited to finally be sharing with you the next part of our product journey! Our whole launchpad function will be renamed to LoveLoot because its now much more than a staking platform. This gives you one stop for all metaverse needs. By joining you have three benefits …

Why LoveLoot Launchpad

  • Join early round allocation to the BEST upcoming projects through LoveLoot Lottery
  • Get FREE Partner Airdrops based on tier
  • Burn LoveKey NFTs for great prizes

What You Need to Do to Join

Choose your tier for the best chance to win! Qualify to enter the LoveLoot Lottery where you can purchase tokens and NFTs from launch partners. The below Tier Structure determines your chance of winning a spot in the lottery. Each ticket represents the number of times your wallet is included in the LoveLoot Lottery to win the allocation.

This is a tentative structure and is still a work in progress. Help us improve by messaging us in our Discord

Note: As of April 27 and onward we will only be providing LoveKeys to participants who meet at least 6k $LACE staked (Tier 1).

How to Access LoveLoot Launchpad:

  1. Stake $LACE in one of the staking pools, as this will determine your tier and number of lottery tickets
  2. LoveLoot Lottery event happens(starting 1 to 2 times per month). Winners are announced
  3. Upon announcement, winners will have a 24 hour period to purchase
  4. If the allocation is unsold, it will become available to all stakers on a FCFS basis

LoveKey Activate!

Every week you participate in LoveLoot you earned a LoveKey NFT (currently trading here). This will continue to be a VIP membership access to all of our products and services moving forward.

You can also benefit from an additional option to join our LoveKey Burn Competition.

Different LoveKey Types: Rho, Gamma, and Sigma

Burn LoveKey’s for Loot!

By burning LoveKeys, you can compete with other LoveLoot members for amazing rewards, including:

  • NFT rewards from partners
  • Whitelist spots for partner projects
  • LoveLoot launchpad allocations

The competition will be tracked on a leaderboard showing the wallet address and number of keys burned. Top burner(s) of the week will claim the grand prize!

Everyone else who burns LoveKeys will claim $LACE APY scaled according to the number of LoveKeys you burned. The APY ranges will be announced before each competition.

LoveKey types

Some LoveKey Burn Competitions might require different LoveKey types or might count as a key multiplier.

Some competitions might require entrants to burn different LoveKeys, or some types of LoveKey will count for more.

LoveKey Rho has the most copies in circulation but will never be minted again. This key type will always be the Genesis LoveKey so consider that as you burn for the competition.

Free Partner Token Airdrops

You will earn Token airdrops from partners just by being part of LoveLoot! This means if you don’t win the allocation spot you will still get tokens! This will scale with your tier and $LACE staked.

  • While you’re staked you will accrue free airdrops from the launchpad projects
  • This will be less than the amount for the purchasable allocation but you will see this accruing once a Launchpad sale activity ends
  • The more $LACE you stake the more of the portion of airdrops you’ll receive
  • If you unstake, your earned tokens will be available but no additional rewards will be accrued

The BEST Metaverse Projects and Brands are launching with us!

While we are not making final announcements on Launchpad partners, we want to tease who we have onboarded

  • Influential Fashion Brand; next ‘Supreme’ of metaverse fashion
  • Non Crypto Gaming company adapting their product to NFTs
  • Crypto MMORPG with amazing Japanese stylized art design, going to be the Soulsborne/Elden Ring of the blockchain
  • An innovative NFT Marketplace

Next steps

The launchpad frontend that shows your dashboard (tier, sale progress, etc) is still getting completed but we will not stop our launchpad progress. When we announce our first launchpad project we will still use the existing LoveLoot staking pools and make formal announcements on who is entered. We should be teasing the design soon along with our first partner.

Get started here!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us to get here! We are excited to work with you on this together!

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